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Seasonal Farmgate Box

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All certified organic boxes, will change every week in accordance with what's growing on our farm.


Large Fruit & Veg Box $85
Baby Pay Choy (Bag)
Endive Bunch (Spicy Lettuce)
Red Dandelion
Rocket Bunch
Herbs - Rosemary & Coriander
Baby Spinach [300g bag] 
Sebago Potatoes [600g]
Broccoli [2] 
Eggplant 🍆 [2]
Capsicums [4]
Cherry Tomatoes [300g bag] 
Zucchini [2] 
Bananas 🍌 [1kg]  
Apples 1kg
Okra [small bag]
Avocado [2]
+ a little bit of chilli

Medium Fruit & Veg Box $65
Baby Bok Choy
Rocket Bunch
Baby Spinach [300g] bag] 
Herbs - Rosemary/ Thyme
Sebago Potatoes [600g]
Broccoli [1] 
Red Capsicums [2]  
Eggplant [1]
Cherry Tomatoes [300g bag] 
Zucchini [2] 
Bananas 🍌 [1kg]  
Apples 600g
+ a little bit of chilli

Asian Essentials Box $65
Bok Choy/ Choi Sum 上海青 [2]
Shallots 葱 [1]
Coriander 芫荽[1]
Broccoli 🥦  [2]
Chinese Cucumbers or Lebanese Cucumber 🥒  黄瓜 [1kg]
Capsicum [0.5kg]
Carrots [Purple & Orange Colour] 🥕500g  [1]
Tomato [1kg]
Eggplant [2]
Celery [1]
Ginger [100g]
+ a little bit of Chilli

Add On A $20 “Roast”
Pumpkin Slice 
Mixed Carrots 🥕 [1kg]
Red Onion [2]
Brown Onion [2]
Garlic [1]
Sweet Potato 1kg
Add On B: $20 "More Fruit Please"
Apple [1kg]
Banana [1kg]
Pear [0.5kg]

Add On C: $20 "Not-Organic Fruit Variety"
Papaya [1]
Stonefruit [1kg]
Passionfruit [6-7]
Avocado [2]


Eggs: $7.8
Rice: $50